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Intellectual Property Law Firm in Hannover

We are lawyers and attorneys specialized in intellectual property law and copyright and media law. Our firm sets the highest standards for our professional and tactical competence: Your success is our success.

Protect yourself and your websites from possible threaten.

In particular, commercial operators of websites are threatened by competition law and other warnings issued from other competitors.

Typically, cease-and-desist letters are often used as harassment against competitors, as they are initially cheaper than court proceedings to punish legal violations in the long term. However, some warnings are not justified.

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285 €*

Online-Shop Check

Operators of online shops must meet considerable legal requirements in order to avoid legal disputes and expensive warnings.

499 €*

GTC Formulation

A sore point of websites are the general terms and conditions. The multifaceted legal situation offers too many pitfalls; faulty GTCs are therefore a welcome target for warning letters.

49 €*


A provider identification of internet presences is mandatory by law. A missing or incomplete imprint leads to a warning with costs.

285 €*

eBay-Shop Check

As a trader who uses auction platforms such as eBay, you should protect yourself in particular against warnings; it is fundamental to have your shop legally protected.

190 €*

Notice of Warning

Commercial website operators are threatened with competition law warnings from competitors. Experience shows that warnings are often used as harassment against competitors, as they are cheaper than legal proceedings.

from 89 €*

Data Protection Law

Trust between customers and providers of goods and services is an elementary quality for a company.

Why our law firm?

We strive for a lasting relationship with our clients based on quality,
trust and reliability.

Qualified Experts

Our lawyers are highly specialised, work scientifically and are experts in their field.

Quality Standards

Our lawyers practice their dream profession. In this way, perfect advice with the highest quality standards can be combined with personal support and passion to this job.

Professional Work

We are service providers. Professional competence, training, continuous further education and experience are at the core of our concept.

Flexible Timeschedule

Early legal advice enables you to engage in legally secure activities. In the event of a dispute, we are also open to alternative solutions, such us mediation and extrajudicial agreements.


Specialisation, branched industry and specialist knowledge as well as creativity are individually distinctive traits of our lawyers.

Favourable offers

Based on our experience and due to high demand, we have cost-effective fee packages ready for you. Go have a look at it.

Our Clients

We advise and represent medium-sized companies, particularly in the field of intellectual property,
corporations, business institutions and public corporations of various sizes.
Thus, our clients naturally include, among others, the following:

Educational institutions

Universities, universities of applied sciences, technical colleges


Developers, hardware and software system houses, manufacturers, programmers, providers, data centres, web designers, networkers, net agencies

Energy providers

Operators of renewable generation plants, independent power traders, industrial power plant companies, project developers


Spa facilities, hotels, clinics, retail markets and other businesses

Research & Development

Research and development companies and institutions

Financial institutions

Banks, savings banks, associations

Industrial company

Electrical engineering, manufacturing technology, beverages, information technology, fuel, plastics, food, mechanical engineering, metal, paper and cardboard, recycling, telecommunications, environmental technology, packaging

Based on years of experience, we have created service packages for our clients. These packages represent specific, constantly occurring solutions.

Innovative Businesses

Inventors, start-ups, technology transfer, intermediaries


Municipalities, districts, cities, administrative communities

Exhibitions, construction, marketing Facilities

Companies such as catering, market research, trade fair construction, trade fair planning, trade fair implementation


ecclesiastical, cultural, education

State authorities

Federal administrations, Land authorities and institutions, Land enterprises

Associations and clubs

Services, industry, crafts, sports, technical monitoring


Authors, printers, editors, publishers


Insurance facilities, agents

Advertising agencies

Event agencies, full-service agencies, net agencies, web agencies