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eBay-Shop Legal Security Check

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As a trader who uses auction platforms such as eBay, you should protect yourself in particular against warnings by having your shop legally protected.

Avoid an expensive legal dispute.

We carry out a shop check on eBay for you.

Our Offer

The “Check eBay Shop” offer provides you with the following services: 

  • Creation and correct integration of a legally correct cancellation/return policy 
  • Review of price quotations, shipping costs and taxes, taking into account the requirements of the Price Indication Regulation (Preisangaben VO) 
  • Verification of price quotations, shipping costs and taxes taking into account the requirements of the Price Indication VO
  • Creation and review of the provider identification (imprint) 
  • Legal review of the shipping conditions 
  • Assistance, tips and instructions on how to change the offer 
  • The expert opinion is individually tailored to your eBay shop. You will receive the experts documentation as a PDF file. 
  • The services, such as the examination and drafting of the standards, are provided by a lawyer. 


The competition among eBay merchants is so strong that they use cease-and-desist letters to harm or oust their competitors in order to survive.

Offers are not checked by eBay. Each trader is responsible for his own auction.

The multitude of laws and their constant changes make it almost impossible for a non-legal to fulfil the legal conditions for securing their business.

6 typical eBay-Sales Errors

The following mistakes can earn traders expensive warnings: 

  1. fehlende oder unzureichende Anbieterkennzeichnung (Impressum)
  2. fehlende oder falsche Widerrufsbelehrung,
  3. falsch oder fehlende  Preisangaben
  4. unberechtigte Übernahme fremder Bilder
  5. rechtswidrige Darstellung der Versandoptionen
  6. rechtswidrige AGB-Klauseln 

Get the support of a legal expert in order to stay away form possible eBay traps.

Private Seller | Entrepreneur

The differences between private sellers and entrepreneurs are not clearly defined by law. Private sellers can easily slip into the category of entrepreneurs and must therefore also fulfill the requirements of such.

If you are a small or medium-sized business and use auction platforms to trade, you can quickly slip into a legal trap.

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