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Suppliers of goods and services shall
rely on general terms and conditions.

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General Terms and Condition

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A fundamental but unfortunately also a sore point of the internet presences are the general terms and conditions.

Legal uncertainties, confused or faulty GTCs are therefore a welcome target for warning letters.

The costs arising from a warning notice can far exceed the costs of drafting legally compliant GTCs.


The following services are offered by the ” Terms and Conditions On demand” service: 

  • We create individually tailored general terms and conditions or terms of use for you
  • We review your existing terms of business or use
  • The examination is carried out in particular for illegal clauses and clauses that could cost you a legal warning
  • We advise you on linking the GTC to a contract, especially when concluding contracts on the internet

General Terms and Conditions

Suppliers of goods and services rely on general terms and conditions.

Advantages of GTC on the internet:

  • With GTCs created just for you, you can deviate from the rigidly prescribed legal regulations and have the provisions individually tailored to your needs.
  • Note for Internet customers on legal framework conditions
  • You have a legal reference to your GTCs. In the event of a dispute, you can refer to specific terms and conditions.

Placement of the GTCs

In addition to the content, the placement of the GTCs within the website is crucial. When a contract has been “agreed” or signed from both parties, the GTCs must be correctly integrated into the process, otherwise they are going to be considered invalid. If the correct reference is missing, the contract agreed online is ineffective and not legally binding.

Sample T&Cs

Avoid at all costs to use ineffective templates of terms and conditions or to copy terms and conditions from other users/companies. This can have consequences for you and your business, according to the German competition law or copyright law. Furthermore, they may not be applicable to your business model.

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