Record of EU-Patent Applications in 2021 

The year of IP-Success: What every business owner shall know

According to the official EPO WebsiteThe European Patent Office (EPO) received 188 600 applications in 2021, up 4.5% on the previous year and the highest number to date. The EPO’s Patent Index 2021, published today, shows that patent filings rebounded significantly last year after a slight dip in 2020 (-0.6%).

Our law firm is active in patent, trademark and copyright law, we work internationally and nationally with plenty of businesses, from start-ups to big companies and we know how important development is. This is a great achievement for the world of intellectual property protection and its network. Our goal is your success as a company and we know how to help you protect your ideas, projects and innovations.

But when is it necessary to apply for the registration of a patent? Can you patent everything in connection to your business? What shall you consider analyzing your IP-situation? Well, there is no need to start patenting everything you produce or project.

Due to the constant further development of science and technology, the border areas of patent protection must be constantly redefined. In principle, objects and processes from all fields of technology are patentable, whereby the classical concept of technology is constantly expanding together with the progress of science. In addition, an invention must be capable of being carried out and presented in a comprehensible manner in order to be patentable.

According to Sec. 1 (1) of the Patent Act, there are three criteria that shall always be take into strict consideration for the patentability of inventions:

Inventive step
Industrial applicability

This three criteria are fundamental If you are thinking about the patentability of your intellectual property.

Are you unsure about the meaning of these terms? Don’t worry. We are specialized in media, copyright, trademarks, design and patent law. We are the legal team you are looking for. Book your first appointment and we will examine your situation and support your projects always making sure you remain in a safe legal framework. Contact us.

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